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Workshops and Residencies

In our improvisational theatre workshops and residencies, Freestyle Rep artists use principles of theatrical improvisation to build students' personal confidence, group skills, and awareness of what goes in to making a piece of theatre.   Two teaching artists lead students through improvisations, exploring the creation of characters, settings and stories.   Because the two rules of the workshop are, "Always say yes," and "Always make your partner look good," students learn that creating theatre involves accepting and using any idea given, and find themselves free to create, express and reflect on the work.   The program develops the critical skills necessary for acting, directing, play-writing and attentive, responsive audience involvement.

In our professional development workshops help classroom teachers continue using improv teaching methods on their own.


A survey of students reveals that their work with Freestyle Rep has helped them to become better actors, writers and audience members. It has also helped them focus themselves on homework and test questions, persevere through tasks that are difficult for them, relax under stress, risk giving a wrong answer in order to learn more, work collaboratively on projects with other students, speak up in class, assert themselves, and has even helped them play with their siblings and parents.


Classroom teachers report that through working with Freestyle Rep their students' vocabulary increases, their ability to give and receive constructive criticism improves, they become better able to reflect on and improve their own work, are better able to answer essay test questions and they are more supportive of each other in class. The teachers also find that work with Freestyle Rep gives them a valuable opportunity to observe their students in a different light.  

The "Write" Stuff

Our creative writing program, "The Write Stuff" adapts Freestyle Rep's improv games to help students develop and explore the characters they invent, evoke an environment through descriptive language, and understand sequencing in creating their stories.   Students will not only discover new depth to their creative abilities, but will become more effective and interested readers of their own work and the work of others.

Professional Development

for Teachers