Freestyle Rep Theatre

120 West 86th St #1A

New York, NY, 10024



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This New York-based improvisational troupe of classically trained actors uses teamwork, ideas from the audience and audience volunteers to create unbelievably imaginative on-the-spot scenes.

Freestyle Repertory Theatre is dedicated to the art of improvisation. With an emphasis on collaboration, creative risk-taking and imaginative storytelling, this program draws the audience in to become an active, integral part of the performance.

“Freestyle Rep was back for the second year for our students-they are amazingly talented and kept both students and teachers engaged for the entire program.  The artists worked with different genres of literature, setting and with different authors with their cooperative story building done on the spot.  Our assistant principal was impressed with how the performance included curriculum, touching on similes, metaphors, setting, character and periods of history.  This program is now a tradition for our school!”  Dorina Leslie-Huckeberry Hill School