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120 West 86th St #1A

New York, NY, 10024



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Family Matinees at The Gallery Players in Brooklyn

Sundays at 12:00 PM


Theatresports 2019-2020


October 27

November 10

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Kids Tix $10, Adults Free!

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A CurtainUp Review

Freestyle Repertory Theatre in TheatreSports

by Brad Bradley


Freestyle Rep has to be the best theater bargain in New York city. The bargain is undeniable in monetary terms… But the bargain goes deeper than finance. Most theatergoers have at most one or two times a week to attend a show, if that often, and the time spent with Freestyle is well-rewarded in entertainment. As a hard-boiled critic who finds more than a few Broadway level productions a strain, I probably laughed more here than at Broadway's ultra-high profile [shows]. More than that, I was enchanted by the troupe's unfailing ingenuity…One of the notable techniques on display has actors "intertwined" both physically and verbally, an in effect monologue constantly reassigned by the referee to another member of the team of three. This was jolly fun… Later, a diverting and brain-teasing vignette, set in a gas station, had the team members limited to one-syllable words for their quick-witted improvisations. Another scene, forcing the players to switch endlessly from English to gibberish and back again at the referee's signal, was a panic of hilarity. The masterful inventions of gibberish as created by Messrs. Durkin and Merrill drew to mind some of the more memorable "Show of Shows" scenarios featuring Sid Caesar…[In] a puppet style scene… volunteers from the audience literally lent their arms in lieu of the actors' upper limbs. Appealing to Three Stooges level of humor was a scene in which an actor was "tortured" by a fellow player into having to speak after filling his mouth with a soft drink combined with Alka-Seltzer tablets. Gross, but undeniably funny. These players are more than ready for the game, and give the audience an experience that confirms that improv delivers far more than we ever would expect. Bravo, Freestyle Rep.

It may involve actors, but it’s still a competitive event.


The members of Freestyle Repertory Theatre, break into two teams and create scenes based on suggestions from the audience.

Families attending not only vote on the outcome but may also participate onstage.

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