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The Teen Edition is a theatrical Improvisation Competition between self-created teams of high school students from New York and surrounding areas. Students will take the stage and perform in front of a live audience in the spring.

TeenEdition Law & Pub Serv, Redding Project Reach Youth

What we can do for you and your students:


In preparation for the 2012 Teen Edition, Freestyle members will be available for improvisational theatre workshops that will allow students to hone their skills as a team.


These workshops are also a fine opportunity for Freestyle Rep to explain the competition's format and answer any questions that may arise.   Oh, and the workshops are fun! Students will have the opportunity to establish teamwork and cooperation while inspiring their own spontaneity through the arts.

What to do if your students would like to participate on stage:


There is no fee to participate!   Adult supervision by a teacher, parent, or staff member from each school is required and this individual would be a liaison for open communication between your students, school, and Freestyle Rep.


For further information and scheduling of workshops, hit the Contact Us button!