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Freestyle Rep's Arts-In-Education Program is known throughout the northeastern United States for its successful use of improvisation to introduce children to the excitement of live theatre. Each year, the program's performances, workshops and residencies reach at least 30,000 young people from an extraordinarily wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Presented as a sporting event, TheatreSports(TM) is two teams of actors challenging each other to spontaneously create a series of ever-changing scenes, stories and poems based on the suggestions of the audience. The show demonstrates a collaborative creative process, and highlights creative use of language, historical periods, authors and literary styles.   Many scenes include the active participation of the students onstage.   At the end of each challenge the audience votes on which team did the best job, points are awarded by the referee and at the end of the match a winner is declared.

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Through the use of good improvisational technique - teamwork, spontaneity and creative risk-taking - FRT enables students and faculty to explore the world of theatre, with its connection to literature and creative writing, in a new, enlightening and hands-on way.

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