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Here's what Principals, PTA Parents and Arts Coordinators have to say about us...

"The children have never enjoyed anything as much! This was- just to see their faces light up... everyone wanted to be onstage, and that's the whole point- to give them confidence to come up and just spontaneously do stuff. That's our goal anyway..."



Shipley School, Bryn Mawr PA

"This was a wonderful assembly for the children; An excellent way to culminate and to put together all the different disciplines (science and social studies were brought up), and also as a wonderful way for children to practice what they may be learning in their unit of study."


"Things like hyperbole came up, different genres of literature- it was just one wonderful way to have children (as a pre-writing) see the art of story telling, which was obviously seen and enjoyed by the children, and I think this would be a wonderful addition to any curriculum or any classroom!"


- Maria Milan, Reading Specialist, William Mason Elementary School, Montvale New Jersey

"You guys were awesome; you guys are so creative, I just don't know how you came up with everything just so spur of the moment and working off the kids, and it was just wonderful."


-Diane Zinze, PTA Parent, William Mason Elementary School, Montvale N.J.

This mom just sat in on a Freestyle Rep improvisational theatre class at PS321 in Brooklyn, NY. She shares her reaction.


"You're giving them a lot of fantastic tools to help them think about story and how to help each other get from point A to point B, make mistakes, get out of them, and make something really fantastic. Very impressive, and I think it should be in schools all the time- it's really, really impressive!"


-4th grade Parent, PS 321 Brooklyn

Freestyle Rep teaches 10-week residencies at PS321 in Brooklyn. A fourth grade teacher tells us how the work helps her students:


"One of the things I've noticed is that Improvisation is so helpful in Social Studies; they use a lot of improvisational techniques when they work on projects together"


- 4th grade teacher, PS 321 in Brooklyn

Freestyle Rep's The Write Stuff workshops combine improvisational theatre and creative writing. We take this program to the Ridgewood Ave. Elementary School in Glen Ridge, NJ every year.


"I was just saying that I have a student that just absolutely enjoyed the program today. Normally, he doesn't raise his hand, normally he doesn't participate, but today he couldn't stay in his seat, his hand was up, and he was writing like crazy, it was just fantastic, we love this program- thank you!"


- Ridgewood Ave. Elementary School in Glen Ridge, NJ


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